Saturday, March 17, 2012

500 Page Views in 10 Days = Thanks!

When I started writing stories for what would become this blog, I did not have any particular expectations regarding how successful it would be, or how I would define success. I was open to the idea that this might simply be an on-line diary to help me clarify my own thoughts and beliefs. If someone else should happen to read it, all the better. Although the blog stories have a central theme and the writings point to a certain mode of living, the blog format itself was an experiment.
This is why I am so pleased and surprised by the initial response. MoneyTrip has received over 500 page views in the first 10 days. On average, 50 people a day are coming to my blog and reading my stories. How cool! Also, many of those readers are offering encouraging comments.
One recurring theme of the messages I’ve received has been budgeting. People are saying, “OK, you’ve sort of convinced us we should be budgeting. So, how do we do it?” Considering this response, I have moved the Budgeting 101 lessons up to the top of the post queue, so you can look for those to come in the next few weeks.
If you see a story here that you like, please post a link to your Facebook page. Just click the " f " logo under the story. If each of my readers did this, there would be about 8,500 new sets of eyes who might find me here. The more the merrier, so I’d be grateful for the assist. With just a click, you can help me make it 5,000 page views!
If you would like to send me a message to say hello, make a comment or request a topic – and you don’t want to log in and post a public comment – you may do so at
So, thanks for reading, thanks for sharing, and thanks for 500 page views in the first ten days! Because of you, this has been more fun than I expected.

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