Saturday, March 3, 2012

But Marc, why another money blog?

Well, I’ve been thinking about that for months, and I’ve arrived at three unique reasons to persist in this venture.
First:  Suppose that you saw a singer/songwriter strumming in a coffee shop, would you approach them and say, “Excuse me, but why bother? Do you know how many songs there are? The last thing we need is another song. Plus, my iPod is nearly full.”  Or, would you approach a painter in the park and say, “Dude, give up. The world has enough paintings. The Renaissance is over. There is no art left to make.”

Probably not. 

By discouraging the creative effort, we would seem rude and foolish. Worse still, we could miss out on tomorrow’s favorite song, or the next great masterpiece. As the examples above illustrate, there is always room for another voice in the world of creative ideas.
Second:  I’ve never found a money blog that I completely agree with. There are many, and many are quite good, but even the very best of them occasionally give advice that I can’t endorse. In spite of the available variety, I have yet to find one that was perfectly aligned with my particular viewpoints, so there are none that I can entirely recommend. I guarantee that all the content to come here will be totally “Marc approved.” The stories I will tell are authentic and true, and the advice I offer is exactly what I personally live.
Third:  Because I want to - and that is absolutely reason enough.

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